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Unlock your potential with classes for adults and kids. Learn self-defense, discipline, and respect in a safe training environment.

At Bushido Kai, we offer karate classes for adults and kids, as well as self-defense and women's self-defense training. Our qualified instructors follow a structured curriculum with an emphasis on discipline, respect, and character development.

Karate Classes


Our adult karate classes focus on self-defense techniques, physical fitness, and mental discipline. Join us to improve your confidence and build strength.


Our karate classes for kids teach discipline, respect, and self-confidence. Children will learn self-defense skills while developing important life skills.


Learn practical self-defense techniques and improve your personal safety with our specialized self-defense training program.

Happy Students

Grand Master is an excellent instructor with many years of knowledge and wisdom in the Martial Arts. He is a great role model for our students, both adults and children.

Sensei Heisner is the real deal when it comes to martial arts.

Grand Master Heisner is one of the finest traditional martial arts teachers you could ever meet. My family and I are very happy to have been involved with his program. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone seeking an opportunity to work with one of the world's best Senseis right here in Western New York!

woman wearing karatejee
woman wearing karatejee

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woman punching the air during golden hour
woman punching the air during golden hour