Respect     Humility     Self Discipline     Honor     Courage
  I shall observe the Tenents and training guidlines of Bushido Kai.

  I will show respect to my instructors and fellow students.

  I will train hard, remain teachable, and constantly seek to develop my
  fullest potential as a martial artist.

  I will never misuse my knowledge of martial arts, but shall seek to work toward 
  making my world a better place to live.
Project Future Center
2720 Niagara Falls Blvd. Wheatfield NY
(716) 694-9571  Bob Heisner - Director
Class Times
Student Oath 
Summer 2018
6:00 pm                   Adult Class (All Ranks)
7:30 pm                   Black Belt Class
6:00 pm                   Youth Class (Ages 7-11)
7:00 pm                   Ages 12 and above
6:00 pm                   Kick Boxercise / Bushido
7:00 pm                   Aikido 
6:00 pm                   Blackbelt Club
7:15 pm                   Adult Class (Ages 14+)
10:00 am                   Youth Class (Ages 7-11)
11:00 am                   Ages 12 and above
12:00 am                   Junior Black Belts
  1:00 pm                   Kick Boxercise / Bushido
6:00 pm                  Scheduled Class
Town Picnic - Water Sale
Aug 26