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In Loving Memory of 
David Saj
Mr. Heisner is the founder of the Bushido Kai system. 

Mr. Heisner is an Eighth Degree Black Belt and is Black Belt in six other styles. These styles have grown and blended to become the Bushido Kai system
Dr. Martin Drake
Ph. Higher Education
Niagara County Community College

Mr. Drake is also Black Belt ranked in Tae Kwon Do and has been training since 1971.
Wednesday Night Kick Boxercise Instructor
Fifth Degree Black Belt
Owner: G&M Repairs

Mr. Dubé has been training since 1998.

Mr. Dubé has also trained under Master Utech in Aikido for several years.
Martin Drake 
Grand Master
Mr. Robert F. Heisner   

Soke (Founder) 
Director: Project Future Center WNY

Sixth Degree Black Belt

Gilles Dubé
Mr. Alex Casilio
​3rd Degree

Advantage Program
Ms. Vicky Neal
3rd Degree

Women's Self Defense
Mr. Rob Berbach
3rd Degree

Black Belt Club
Mr. Robert Dallman
5th Degree

Warrior's of the Sword
Mr. Tyler Casilio
4th Degree

Website / West Coast
Mr. Chris Poette
4th Degree

SWAT Instructor